I am interested in many aspects of photography.  I've been a photographer, either professionally or as an amateur for over 40 years.  My first "professional" stint as a photographer was at a church camp.  But I don't think that counts.  I think they were paying for my pictures just to encourage my enterprise.  The pictures certainly didn't warrant the cost.  But I was only 13 with a Brownie Hawkeye and a miserable darkroom.  But pay me they did and I was hooked.

In particular, I am interested in all aspects of subminiature and 35mm photography.  I particular like Nature Photography but don't get out very often to pursue this field.

This is my collection of both submini photographs (taken with subminiature cameras) and standard photographs.  Where possible, I have included the camera, film type and other pertinent information.

I am still learning photography after many, many years of taking pictures.  I am still open to suggestions and constructive criticism.  Some days, my hide is pretty tough.  Other days, it is pretty thin. In all cases, I'll certainly appreciate any comments you want to pass on to me.

Subminiature Photography

Subminiature photography is defined as photograpy using film formats smaller than 35mm.  This now includes Advanced Photo System (APS) as well as the older standards for 110 film, 16mm film, 9.5 (8x11) Minox film and smaller.  The photographs here include a combination of various film sizes.  For each picture, I have included the film size.  Where possible, I have also included the type of camera used.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

For the purist, I've separated the various formats of subminiature photography.

APS Format

Half Frame 35mm



35mm and Larger Format Photography

Included in this section will be both 35mm photography and larger format photographs.  Principly I shoot 35mm and a little 120 film.  I have a couple of bigger cameras but no film or film holders.  (They're ancient cameras.)

35mm Photography

Large Format Photography (nothing here yet)