Michael Bower

Michael Bower was born way too long ago.  But I've had a good life and good fun.  I'm always finding new and interesting things to do.  But with teenagers around the house, getting time to do those things is always a challenge.  Now if I could just get them interested in the stuff I'm interested in....As a previous boss of mine once said "Does he know the meaning of 'Fat Chance?'"

Career-wise, I feel like I've always been in computers.  My first job when in college (Kansas 1964) was as a maintenance person (the only one) on a hand built computer that had a drum media storage.  That drum contained about 10 meg of data and took 45 minutes to power up.  From that time forward, I've been in some field of computers.  I've programmed mainframes, mid-sized and microcomputers.  I've taught courses in programming, network design, network configuration, and system internals.  I've configured and maintained networks.  I've developed and maintained document management applications and database applications.  Some days, it is a fun job.  Others, it is trying.  But all-in-all, I've had a good career.

Anyway, here a some of my interests.  If I find any more, I'll add them as life goes along.

Some of my interests include:
Subminiature Cameras
Ham Radio
Emergency Medicine
Classical Music
Wooden Ship Models

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